Outlook on the 2022 World Cup

It is four years away to the next World Cup. How could assess the line up if the tournament started right now? And what kind of measures they need to do before the upcoming 2022 World Cup. The early exit at the 2018 FIFA World Cup means the Argentina squad intends to clean house and to adjust strategies. It’s unclear that whether Messi could win the opportunity for the 2022 World Cup. Besides, some veterans perhaps will leave World Cup forever.

Some may wonder why Giovani Lo Celso in the No.22 shirt didn’t play for their team in Russia. The on-loan PSG midfielder once impressed all people with wonderful performances at Real Betis. Argentina national football team needs more gifted footballers in defence. Juan Foyth is probably become a link of the defensive front. He stands 1.90m tall and owns extraordinary capability in pitches. With the guide from Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham, he would grow up in short time and become more and more skillful.

Unless miracles occur, a talented footballer is not enough for a team to deal with complicated conditions in pitches. Argentina could cultivate more great football players, but building up team spirits needs long term. Improving on performances in various stage is a real challenge for them.

When it comes to the candidate of next manager of Argentina national football team, we have no idea about it. It said that the former interim replacement Lionel Scaloni will continue taking the position until the next year’s Copa America. No matter who take the next tenure, it is necessary to consolidate the playing style and to equip footballers with experience. In the meantime, defensive front and midfielders should be strengthened, too.

Let’s turn to Belgium national football team now. The greatest hope falls on Tielemans, aged 21, who could mature into a first-class midfield gift. Another footballer — Timothy Castagne, aged 22, starts to scramble to the right wing-back position. Although he is only 19 years old, Zinho Vanheusden from the club Inter Milan could grow into a center-back in short time, as the stock to replace ageing center-backs.

In spite of the ageing “golden generation” and weakening energy of footballers in pitches, the last four-hour finish is also could be expected in 2022. Although young footballers are possible to integrate into senior level, but the best results are the last eight. The strength in center-back need to be improved, because Dedryck Boyata aged 27 and Jason Denayer aged 23 stepped down from incumbents. The right balance is needed in case the Belgium national football team intend to go with wing-backs. Then Jordan Lukaku is the promising candidate as the alternative of Carrasco on the left.

The conditions of rest national football teams will be analyzed next time. In a word, we all hope to look rising of excellent footballers and their wonderful performances in pitches. More information will be seen next time.

A Turning Point for World Cup Teams

When the 2018 World Cup approaches closer, the increasing frustration of the United States soccer community could be understand. Even the US side will not present at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The United States could take some comfort from the role it played in shaped the road to the World Cup.

At present, the Copa America is hosted every four years, starting a new circle of competitive action. After the World Cup, there is no important football games except for some friendlies. The Copa America could facilitate forming of the shape for the next batch of World Cup qualifiers.

Certainly, there is the extra Copa, which aims to celebrate the centenary of the event. For this reason, six of 18 rounds of World Cup qualifiers had been played. The tournament allows the team to reshape their structure and strategy as they looked ahead to the remaining two thirds of the action.

Actually, the most important change led by Copa Centenario failed to come to fruition. After another defeat in a final, Lionel Messi was depressed, and he wandered away from the stadium, declaring his willing to retire from international football. It is lucky for Argentina national football team and the World Cup that he decided to reconsider his decision. In the event that he stayed away from it, the Argentina national football team will not have made it to Russia. Argentina national football team had lost to Chile after a penalty shootout, but the Copa Centenario was regarded as a pyrrhic victory. The third winning of the summer tournament leaves them a football team obliged them to the fourth 2017 Confederations Cup.

All this activities lead to severe effects on a generation that the team had played football for a decade and aged together. In the final rounds of qualifier, they spared no efforts to win the tournament, and missed out on Russia. The Copa Centenario proved most influential in Foxborough. But it turned out to be an important moment for Peru.

They are confident once again and equaled the La Blanquirroja’s all-time record unbeaten run. In case they could keep the clean sheet against Scotland in their send-off match in Lima. At the Copca Centenario, Coach Ricardo Gareca could work with a back four. The back four football players are totally different from the group in the starting lineup. Both Aldo Corzo and Miguel Trauco at right-back; Christian Ramos and Alberto Rodriguez in the middle. In the tournament, the previous left-back of Orlando City was deployed as a midfielder of the team. It was at that time that the excellent football star Edison Flores was introduced.

The football player who is accustomed to play football with left foot is suitable for both attacking and defensive positions, who have made great efforts to his team in shooting. Finally, the excellent football player grown into a joint top scorer of the qualifiers. At the same time, the Brazil national football team made a weird decision after a shocked defeat on home ground at the 2014 World Cup.

Messi’s Important Role in Argentina’s World Cup Squad

Jorge Sampaoli, coach of Argentina national football team, has left for a new round of “shuttle diplomacy”, in which he would like to fly to Europe, meeting with some critical football players. The first leg of his “shuttle diplomacy” is to talk with Lionel Messi. The content of their conversation may not only involving his physical condition about any single footballer. Such meeting will be a perfect opportunity to exchange their opinions about the team and some suggestions to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. For the sake of his outstanding performances and numerous accolades, Messi will have a huge say in choosing related members.

In last month, the coach reveal some related information when he accept the football team more suitable for Messi rather than himself. The information have been confirmed by to related and undeniable facts. The Argentina side is the only side, which has laid most weight on a single footballer. It is impossible for Argentina to allow Lionel Messi to retire from his football playing career in short time, especially in football games confronting Russia.

In eight rounds of qualifications which Messi missed, Argentina national football team only won seven points; while in the ten matches he has played, the Argentina side won 21. He won seven goals while no one of football players won goals more than two. Another unpleasant truth is that Sampaoli failed to find a blend or a structure to his side. After he took the position of Argentina’s side, a question is always haunt in his heart: whether Argentina side has enough defensive resources for his bold and novel attacking strategy.

Up to now, the question has not been resolved effectively. Messi has missed two occasions. The only inspiring news for Argentina that things may change easily had he on the football field. What kind of structure and defensive sources will suitable for the Argentina national football team most. Who shall play around Lionel Messi? It would be reasonable to assume that player and coach will discuss these important issues.

In 2006, he was a secret weapon than an important voice in the squad when he was young. Before 2010, he already has grown into a great football player with Barcelona. However, he had a problem when he played for Argentina national football team in South Africa. Some speculate that the problem was caused by then-coach Diego Maradona’s jealous. But what could be confirmed is that Maradona favored Carlos Tevez. Before Messi’s uprising, the Tevez led the team suffering from much of troubled 2010 qualification campaign. Nevertheless, he also admitted that he had experienced nightmarish period.

But at the World Cup, Maradona could not resist temptation any more, paying much attention to stocky kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Tevez was an idol of Boca Juniors, and he made little sense in Argentina side. His interruption in the team disturbed the original balance and he was not deserved the position, which diminished the importance of Messi in the team.