Portuguese News

Brazil’s Neymar and Argentina’s Messi each have 192 million followers and 181 million followers, placing them second and fourth respectively. Spain which is struggling with a change of guard, Matadors have 333 million followers, 73 million followers for Iniesta and 62 million fans for Ramos. It is conceivable that how important about Cristiano Ronaldo for the Portuguese team. As the football star of the world’s highest fans, the Portuguese superstar needs to fight for himself and the country. In the 2016 European Cup, in the case of Portugal is not optimistic, it is not easy for Portugal to beat the powerful France and achieve the European championship crown in the face of plight of the injured Cristiano Ronaldo. As the 2016 European champion, Portugal will play against the 2010 World champion Spain in the Russia World Cup for the first time. The warm-up match tn recent weeks has made the Portuguese team players feel the hope of winning the championship. The second round of group B will be played against Portugal and Morocco at Luzhniki stadium at 8.pm Bejing time. It is worth mentioning that for the 33-year-old Portuguese star, the game will be his return to Luzhniki stadium after six years, so he has become the focus of the game. In 2009, Ronaldo, the world’s most prosperous superstar, joined the La Liga Real Madrid. In the champions league quarter-finals of 2012, Ronaldo led the Real Madrid team to return the Luzhniki stadium, and this time he will face the Russia super league team from the central army. In this game, Real Madrid did not show the world’s giants should have the strength. Although Ronaldo opened the scoring in the 28th minute, real Madrid were unable to extend their lead in the face of a solid Cska defence. Finally in the game’s stoppage time stage, the central army pulled back a goal, the score is locked in 1-1.

Ronaldo, who has represented the club on two previous trips to the Luzhniki stadium, will return as Portugal’s captain to lead his country to the World Cup. In the opening group game against Spain, Ronaldo showed great strength in the face of a strong Spain, scoring three goals in a single game and helping Portugal turn the tide and get a valuable point. It is worth mentioning that Portugal’s current U19 national team is formed based on the players who won the U17 European championship for Portugal two years ago. There are as many as 11 players in the team who experienced the winning moment two years ago, and their ability is absolutely outstanding among their peers. At a time when Cristiano Ronaldo is struggling on the national team, this group of young people who look up to their peers will surely be the most reliable helpers for future Portuguese stars, and Portugal has a chance to usher in another golden age after Figo’s generation. They are the hope of Portuguese football.