Messi’s Important Role in Argentina’s World Cup Squad

Jorge Sampaoli, coach of Argentina national football team, has left for a new round of “shuttle diplomacy”, in which he would like to fly to Europe, meeting with some critical football players. The first leg of his “shuttle diplomacy” is to talk with Lionel Messi. The content of their conversation may not only involving his physical condition about any single footballer. Such meeting will be a perfect opportunity to exchange their opinions about the team and some suggestions to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. For the sake of his outstanding performances and numerous accolades, Messi will have a huge say in choosing related members.

In last month, the coach reveal some related information when he accept the football team more suitable for Messi rather than himself. The information have been confirmed by to related and undeniable facts. The Argentina side is the only side, which has laid most weight on a single footballer. It is impossible for Argentina to allow Lionel Messi to retire from his football playing career in short time, especially in football games confronting Russia.

In eight rounds of qualifications which Messi missed, Argentina national football team only won seven points; while in the ten matches he has played, the Argentina side won 21. He won seven goals while no one of football players won goals more than two. Another unpleasant truth is that Sampaoli failed to find a blend or a structure to his side. After he took the position of Argentina’s side, a question is always haunt in his heart: whether Argentina side has enough defensive resources for his bold and novel attacking strategy.

Up to now, the question has not been resolved effectively. Messi has missed two occasions. The only inspiring news for Argentina that things may change easily had he on the football field. What kind of structure and defensive sources will suitable for the Argentina national football team most. Who shall play around Lionel Messi? It would be reasonable to assume that player and coach will discuss these important issues.

In 2006, he was a secret weapon than an important voice in the squad when he was young. Before 2010, he already has grown into a great football player with Barcelona. However, he had a problem when he played for Argentina national football team in South Africa. Some speculate that the problem was caused by then-coach Diego Maradona’s jealous. But what could be confirmed is that Maradona favored Carlos Tevez. Before Messi’s uprising, the Tevez led the team suffering from much of troubled 2010 qualification campaign. Nevertheless, he also admitted that he had experienced nightmarish period.

But at the World Cup, Maradona could not resist temptation any more, paying much attention to stocky kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Tevez was an idol of Boca Juniors, and he made little sense in Argentina side. His interruption in the team disturbed the original balance and he was not deserved the position, which diminished the importance of Messi in the team.

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