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Gas Pipe Installation

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Most cooking utensils currently use gas as fuel, in addition to clean and practical gas is also easy to get. There are two types of gas for cooking that is LPG or commonly called LPG and LNG or often called the gas city, LPG requires tubes that must be owned by the user as a place to accommodate the gas purchased by swapping empty tube with a tube that contains. While city gas is provided by state gas company in the form of pipeline and gas meter installation to record gas usage, so customers do not need tubes, but the area with state gas channel is still very small so that people use LPG. You can call our gas fitters in Edmonton to help you install gas line.

For the use of LPG gas in restaurants or food industries, gas cylinders should not be located in the kitchen area, in addition to making the room narrower is also more dangerous if the gas cylinder is placed close to the source of the fire that is the stove, therefore the gas tube should be placed outside on air Open and gas in the channel through the iron pipe to the cooking area. The restaurant inside the mall or shopping center usually has gas channel provided by the manager of the building along with its gas meter either LPG or city gas, the restaurant owner will pay to the building manager for every month use, but the building manager only provide gas installation Up to the gas meter only so that the restaurant owner must install gas installations to serve the stoves that will be in use.

The safety factor in installing the gas is the first thing to note, the quality of the pipeline for the gas line, the additional security equipment and the regulator to lower the gas pressure must comply with the equipment specifications. Iron pipe in use is seamless pipe (no connection in it) schedule 40 with a minimum thickness of 4 mm in pairs starting from the gas cylinder or gas meter to the kitchen area by welding pipe, for indoor use black steel but for outside Room and long installation should use carbon steel pipe. The installation is equipped with a regulator, pressure gauge as a pressure indicator and leak detection alarm and a solenoid that will close the gas automatically when there is a leak.

The control panel is in charge of severing the electrical supply to the solenoid in case of leakage, the panel may also be connected to the alarm gas panel of the mall or the fire alarm panel to inform the location of the gas leak tenant in order to immediately shut down the central gas flow of the building.