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Help the elephant means to save more water

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Water is the source of all life. Without the water supply on the planet, no living being can survive at all. So, protecting the water source is the key to protecting all of the life forms on the planet, and it can be done by protecting the forest as the main water storage of the planet. You can help the world government to protect the forest by protecting its key species, and one of the most popular key species are the elephants. You can checkout the elephant sanctuary Thailand if you’re interested in becoming one of the defenders of the forest.

How does the world water supply connected with the elephant? It’s simple. The water can be stored naturally by the forest thanks to the trees. As we know, the trees cannot move by themselves. In order to multiply, it needs the help of the animals of the forest, and the elephants are doing the great job which is spreading the seeds of he trees that have been eaten by them. Their poops are containing the seeds of the new trees that will store the water in the forest when they’ve grown up. So, protecting those elephants means you protect the forest as the most important water storage for our planet.