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Do not Underestimate The Hole In Children’s Teeth

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Bananas, raisins, and wholemeal cookies are healthy foods, but they are also textured sticky because they contain sugar. Food like this can stay in the teeth and cause it to be perforated. Instead of eliminating the food completely, encourage the children to consume it when the main meal schedule (lunch or dinner). Because of the production of saliva at that time more.

You may think that treating cavities is easy. However, cavities can affect children throughout their lives. A healthy baby tooth is needed to maintain space for adult teeth. They help the jaw grow normally. You can visit Childrens dentist Chattanooga, and get dental care for your child.

If the hole is infected, it can affect the development of adult teeth. If there is an abscess, Banker says, then the child may need to be sedated to treat it. Tooth decay at an early age, especially if left untreated, can also cause problems with articulation of speech, lack of sleep, low self-esteem, and decreased school performance.