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The electric shaver can indeed be used anywhere

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For men who want a well-groomed appearance and masculine, smooth shaving performance becomes important. However, to get smooth shaving results often lead to injuries. Apparently, one reason is the selection of improper shaver. What kind of razor is right to get smooth faces without injury? Manager Philips Personal Care Indonesia Panos Marras said the elections improper shaver will still make cuts when shaving. In a study that does it, at least in shave every man injured as many as 20-40 subtle scratches. The subtle injuries will only be felt when using aftershave, the cause of the smooth cuts for the selection of improper shaver. Because, he said, the shaver has a blade that does not follow the shape of the face, skin, and hair types are different. For that, before you buy an electric shaver, it helps you choose a quality razor like that you can buy in www.bestpedia.co/best-electric-shavers/.

Shaving the beard is the direction against the roots can provide a cleaner, but your skin will easily cut when you use this way. In addition, it also can have an impact on cutting the beard that is too deep may result in ingrown hairs or razor bump called the beard does not grow out pores, but into the skin tissue. It can cause swelling and infection. Use your index finger to measure the similarity of the two long whiskers by placing your index finger on each side of the bowl. For example, place your left index finger to the left with a pointed beard your reflection in the mirror. Do the same with your right fingers simultaneously. This is done in order to be seen if both whiskers have the same length or different.