Note The Following in Making Juice and Smoothie

For those of you who are dieting, of course, you will be happy with the juice diet. To make juice that suits your diet program, you can use a juicer. Why? Because juicer produces juice that is more fluid than when you use a blender. Juicers only take the essence of fruit so that the vitamins contained in the juice more easily absorbed by the body. Unleaded juice is also recommended for people who have weak digestion or elderly people. So you will only drink the juice. To get the best juice results, you can visit our website to get a masticating juicer.

Here are some things you need to look at when you are going to make a juice or smoothie:

– Better not to combine fruit and vegetables (except apples)

Not too much trouble to combine green vegetables, but vegetables such as carrots, beets, broccoli and cucumber should not be combined with fruit because of the high starch content. Starchy foods should be eaten alone because starch is digested with different enzymes than those used for any other food group. Combining starchy foods with fruit can cause fermentation and gas.

– Wash vegetables and fruit

As we know, residual pesticides and fertilisers often stick to the skin of fruits and vegetables. To remove it can use a brush and anti-bacterial soap specifically for fruit and vegetables are sold freely. It would be better to use organic fruits and vegetables.

– Immediately drink juice or smoothie after made

After 15 minutes, light and air will destroy many nutrients. If you can not drink it straight away, transfer the juice or smoothie drink to an airtight container and avoid direct light until you are ready to take it.

In addition, juice made with the juicer is believed to provide more vitamins. How can it be like that? Making a juice with a juicer will require more fruit when compared to using a blender.