Learn How to Take Care of Shoes Matches the Kind

Do not because your shoes are expensive, then you neglect the duty to take care of it. In fact, the more often you step foot with the shoes, the more often you have to take care of your shoes. To clean the sneaker is quite easy because the material is essentially composed of rubber and synthetic leather. The rather difficult is to take care of shoes made from suede and genuine leather. You need a special brush and cleaning fluid. If you seek for good quality chaussure homme, you can visit our website.

Suede shoes need a brush made of rubber and can not be cleaned with water if there is stubborn dirt you can buy a kind of special chalk to remove the dirt. While leather shoes should be treated with regular cleaning and polishing. In order for your leather shoes to stay awake the skin, you can use a shoe tree, a kind of wood/plastic litter that is inserted into the shoe while not worn.

Shoes are so important to men that you can judge a man from his shoes. Does he tend to be a conservative, casual, sporty or indifferent person?