The Important Use of Threads

The thread is a groove that is wrapped around a steel rod or axis with a certain size. The bolt on the bolt, with its spiral structure Pipe Threader hire , serves to tighten the object by turning the rotary movement linearly. If seen from the shape of the thread can be distinguished with the title of Male Thread or the outside thread and Female Thread or the deep thread.

The use of threads can be found everywhere and anytime. For example, pipes in your house, office or any other place use threads to be linked to each other. That is why when installing pipes, the Pipe Threader hire service will be used to help the installing process.

Spiral-shaped threads can be rotated to the right clockwise or to the left counter-clockwise. The directions of movement of the bolts themselves can be divided into two that is in (away from people), or out (approaching people). Under the general agreement, such directions can be determined by right-hand rule as in the figure.