Cubital tunnel syndrome Elbow Strike

Cubital tunnel syndrome (ulnar nerve palsy) is a disorder caused by pressure on the ulnar nerve in the elbow. The nerve at the elbow close the skin surface and easily damaged by the back of the elbow who repeatedly, bending the elbow for a long time or sometimes as a result of normal bone growth in the area. Baseball pitcher prone to cubital tunnel syndrome because the extra round in the arm needed to throw a slider. The symptoms usually appear in the form of pain, like a needle on the ring finger and little finger. Then the ring and little fingers will be weakened. If you feel any of these symptoms, then you can contact to conduct further consultations about your disease and how to overcome it or treat it to get healing.

This weakness can also be related to the ability to clamp it with the thumb and forefinger identity as most of the small muscles of the hand is controlled by the ulnar nerve. Cubital tunnel syndrome can result in severe or chronic muscle shrink (atrophy) and deformities like claws on its hands. Cubital tunnel syndrome in mild cases can be treated with physical therapy, such as straightening the elbow during the night to avoid overly bend the elbow and avoid the pressure around the elbow, elbow bumps will be very helpful.